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Online Dutch Course

Do you want to learn Dutch or improve your Dutch skills without having to commit to a certain time and place? With our course for online Dutch lessons you can now learn Dutch at your computer or smartphone, without having to go to school. The online DutchNL course is specifically developed to help you study Dutch during the Corona crisis and consist of the perfect combination of self-study and online group lessons with your own teacher.

This is how it works

Online Dutch courseNow that you are forced to spend time indoors, you might as well make the most of it! This is a great time to finally start learning Dutch and achieve your learning goals in a structured way. The self-study package consists of three levels:

Beginners 1 (A0-A1),
Beginners 2 (A1-A2)
Intermediate (A2-B1).

Through our varied and effective method learning Dutch gets easy and fun. The complete language course has translations into 16 different languages. You can read the texts at home, listen to the pronunciation, learn new words, make exercises and more. You will do all of this on your own computer, in your own time and at your own terms.

Online Dutch group lessons

Two times a week there will be online group lessons that you can join. These lessons take 1,5 hour each and are with your own teacher and studygroup. During these classes you will mainly work on your Dutch speaking skills and each lesson will be focused on speaking and understanding Dutch so it is pretty similar to the usual Dutch lessons in Rotterdam from DutchNL.

Study any time you want

You can study whenever you have the time. The online Dutch course gives you the flexibility to combine learning Dutch with all your other obligations. Perhaps you should use this period to your advantage and improve your Dutch. The entire course is online, but your teacher is always there for you to give you feedback and help you get the most out of the program. Depending on your personal level, he or she will advise you to repeat certain exercises or skip them. You sent all your homework directly to your teacher for personal feedback. Do you get stuck on a certain topic? Just ask your teacher for help via the program, by e-mail or by picking up the phone.

20 weeks 


Price per hour is 20,95 excluded online method, VAT not applicable. 

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