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Intensive Dutch courses daytime

These intensive Dutch courses in daytime integrate level A0 to A2 level or  A2 to B1 level. In case needed we can also decide to teach this course online.

Course A0 - A2 is open for people who have none or very little knowledge of the Dutch language but basic knowledge of English at level A2 and Roman script is required. Instruction in English/Dutch for the first 2,5 weeks.

From A0 to A2 takes 5 weeks in total. It is possible to do this course in 2 parts. So from A0 tot A1 in 2,5 weeks and from A1 to A2 in 2,5 weeks. This is not a course specifically for 'inburgering'.

Upon completing you will be able to have a basic conversation about everyday subjects, such as family, study, work, visiting the doctor and going out. All basic language skills are dealt with: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Texts and topics of conversation are centred around everyday situations. 

You will learn approximately 1300 new words in 2,5 weeks. And that is very fast! Learning a language is topsport for your brain so please allow yourself enough time to absorb everything that you learned. 

We use 'Nederlands in gang' as textbook. This method is meant for those who want to function or study on a (near) academic level. The pace is fast and you are expected to spend about 12 hours per week on homework. In class, you participate actively and focus on activities which require the presence of a teacher.

All teachers are well qualified, well organised and experienced. They give feedback on what is going right and wrong, they give tips about learning and they make sure that you get a lot of personal attention. The course is concluded with a test in week 2 and/or 4 and a certificate of attendance (minimum attendance 80%).

Duration and days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday 09:30 - 12:30 hours unless otherwise advised. 30 hours in 2,5 weeks for half the course or 60 hours in 5 weeks for the whole course, unless otherwise advised. Please look at the program page for the actual details. 

In principle each month, please look at the program page for the actual dates. 

Classes are in very small groups (max. 3 students) to guarantee personal attention and guidance to perfect all  skills.

Nederlands in Gang (ISBN 978 90 469 0560 9) via Coutinho or via Bol.com. Costs 42,95. This textbook is not included in the registration fee. You are required to purchase it yourself. Delivery time takes 3-4 working days so please order it in time online or buy it directly at Boekhandel Donner, Coolsingel 19 in Rotterdam. 

How much does it cost:
20,00 per hour, excluded costs of the textbook, included coffee, tea, hand-outs. VAT is exempted.
A1-A2 is 2,5 weeks in 30 hours, 
A0-A2 is 5 weeks in 60 hours, 

Course A2 - B1 is for people who can communicate in the Dutch language and want to speed up to reach a higher level. The pace is fast and you have to consider that the homework is taking at least 3 to 4 hours per day during 5 weeks. 
We use the textbook 'Nederlands in actie' of Coutinho. 
This course takes 60 hours in 5 weeks, each week from Tuesday up to and included Friday from 09:30 to 12:30 hours unless otherwise advised. Costs 20,00 per hour, excluded costs of the textbook, included coffee, tea, hand-outs. VAT is exempted. More info on dates or schedule via info@dutchnl.nl or look at the program page.

Westblaak 92, 3012 KM Rotterdam. 14 min. walk from Centraal Station or tram 4 or 7 (stop Eendrachtsplein) or metro E (stop Beurs). Parking around the corner in garage.
For more information please contact info@dutchnl.nl  

Signing up:
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