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Want to learn Dutch?

Traditional language learning

The traditional way of learning a foreign language is by making use of lesson books and audio CDs, learning words by rote and doing exercises – many, many exercises. You learn the language by writing it. But does this teach you to speak?

What can you expect during class?

DutchNL uses techniques that make it easier to remember words. Apart from that, working with storytelling is the most striking part of the lesson. Together with the class, we make up a story and all the Dutch words are 100% understandable! To achieve this, we pull out all the stops and use theater, role play, translation (into English), accessories, pantomime, writing and images. Basically, DutchNL doesn’t rest until you understand every single Dutch word.

In class, the stories are created, told and retold, we have conversations about your interests or experiences and texts are read and written. By means of our question-and-answer techniques, you learn Dutch naturally without endless grammar exercises. Explanations and instructions are mostly given in English. All classes are in small groups so we can give you plenty of attention.

The method is great fun for students and teachers alike!

How does it work?

The varied repetition of the language’s structures and words ensures you store the language in your long-term memory. It also makes sure you acquire a precise feel for how the language should sound. Where necessary, the grammar is explained on the basis of the meaning of the words.

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