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6 weeks of joy

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I am so excited!  I decided to give an intensive course for 6 weeks with a lot of understandable input about the Dutch language with games and plays and a lot of pronunciaton exercise. Some people ask me "why taking 6 weeks, isn't that too much time?" Well, yes! Although 6 weeks is not so long when you want to be thorough and give yourself a good start in making contact with people around you in this country. You want to live and work in Rotterdam and although everybody speaks English, most Dutchies speak Dutch while making jokes or talk about the important things in their life.

Another reason is that your brain has to work very hard to learn a language! It is like doing topsport for your brain. Your brain has to absorb all these new sounds and words and sentences. Constant repetition is very good. To reach a level A2 in one or two weeks might be realistic for some students but my experience is that your brain also needs time to work things out and to let it all 'sink'.

So give yourself a break and ENJOY 6 weeks learning Dutch! I will be honoured to teach you.

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