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Welcome to my blog. I am sharing my experiences with you as a teacher Dutch to expats and other internationals. 


What's the use of learning Dutch?

My best wishes for you in 2018! More important is: what do you wish for yourself in 2018? Getting more involved in Dutch society? Or to find work in Rotterdam? Or to understand the jokes of your colleagues? Talk to the teacher at your child's school?I gladly share the answer of one of my students why he thought it was important to learn Dutch. He said: “learning Dutch is giving me a Dutch voice! A voice to be heard, a voice to get more involv...
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Why every Englishman recognises me as a Dutchie

When I was young (which is ages ago), I went to London with school. Every year the fourth grade was allowed to go to this big beautiful city for one weekend. The main goal was to practise the English language, which we learned at school. In those days it was a big event. We went by boat from Hoek van Holland to Harwich.I loved to learn English. We learned words and grammar but pronunciation was not deemed that important. Sometimes you had to re...
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6 weeks of joy

I am so excited!  I decided to give an intensive course for 6 weeks with a lot of understandable input about the Dutch language with games and plays and a lot of pronunciaton exercise. Some people ask me "why taking 6 weeks, isn't that too much time?" Well, yes! Although 6 weeks is not so long when you want to be thorough and give yourself a good start in making contact with people around you in this country. You want to live and wor...
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How 'ja hoor' in the Dutch language can be very tricky

"What does 'ja hoor' mean in the Dutch Language? You just hear it all the time". This is a question that many students ask me when they follow one of the Beginners courses Dutch. Well, first let’s explain how to pronounce this ‘hoor’. You just have to pronounce it like the English word ‘whore’! Holy moly, yes it is really true because then it means in Dutch just some sort of confirmation of what you just said. So for example...
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