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About DutchNL

Hallo! My name is Leni van Vlijmen and I teach Dutch. I graduated from the Hogeschool Rotterdam with a second level teaching qualification in Dutch, including a minor in Dutch as a Second Language and Civil Integration.

DutchNL was started to give Dutch language courses in Rotterdam for expats, au pairs and other internationals. We are passionate to teach Dutch through an innovative manner.  

• In a manner that triggers all learning styles.
• In an interactive teaching style.
• In a non traditional style
• In a style with a funfactor!

Why would you choose for DutchNL?

• Because we tell a story and you can understand what we are saying without using
  books and making (endless) exercises of grammar.
• Because we take proper care about your pronunciation! 
• Because you learn new words and you notice that they stick into your mind much
  easier than learning by root.
• Because you are never bored during our lessons.
• Because you feel that we are passionate about what we are doing.

Want to know more information? Mail to info@dutchnl.nl